Three SOEULaw Lectures on “Environment protection and Solidarity in EU Law”

29 March 2021 h 10:30-12:30, 30 March 2021 h 10:30-11:30 and 20 May 2021 h 10:00-13:00.

The academic staff of Jean Monnet Module Solidarity in European Union Law is glad to announce three SoEULaw lectures on “Environment protection and Solidarity in EU Law“.

Environment protection and Solidarity in EU Law – Prof. Estelle Brosset

The main objective of the lectures will be to deepen the understanding of how solidarity is implemented in EU environmental Law. The aim of the course will be to question what are the solidarity duties that potentially derive from art. 37 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which states that “high level of environmental protection and the improvement of the quality of the environment must be integrated into the policies of the Union and ensured in accordance with the principle of sustainable development”. The lectures will deal with concrete examples of solidarity within existing European Union environmental and natural resources law and policy. The existence of a European ecological citizenship will be questioned and case law related to Solidarity will be of particular interest during classes to examine the judicial treatment of ecological challenges. In this matter, the conceptof solidarity will be particularly analysed in the context of climate change law and climate justice.

Estelle Brosset is Professor of Public Law at Aix-Marseille University. She is a specialist in European Union Law and is in charge of teaching in such discipline. She co-directs the Master 2 in International and European Environmental Law. She was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair by the European Commission (2012-2015) and she was coordinator of a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (2016-2019). She devotes a large part of her research to the study of European law.


Prof Estelle Brosset – Environment protection and Solidarity in EU Law – 29.03.2021 and 30.03.2021


Prof. Estelle Brosset – Environment protection and Solidarity in EU Law – 20.05.2021

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