Five SoEULaw Lectures on “Solidarity in European Union Law: Mapping the Field”

5 May 2020 h 12:15-14:15, 6 May 2020 h 10:30-12:30, 11 May 2020 h 12:15-14:15, 12 May 2020 h 12:15-14:15, 13 May 2020 h 10:30-12:30

The academic staff of the Jean Monnet Module Solidarity in European Union Law is happy to announce two SoEULaw lectures on “Solidarity in European Union Law: Mapping the Field”.

Solidarity in European Union Law: Mapping the Field – Prof. Leonardo Pasquali

The course will overview and analyse the differences between solidarity as a substantive legal principle and as a political statement of European Union Law. The purpose of the course will be to map the legal and political field of solidarity in EU Law by analyzing its historical and current legal framework and its forms of manifestation in both EU legislation and case law, especially of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

The objective is to explain and debate the fact that despite being widely used as an essential part of the European Integration process, the precise concept of solidarity remains unclear. It becomes a complex issue because there are so many different legal areas and different stakeholders involved in its concrete implementation. Solidarity can actually be achieved in many different ways and many different levels of commitment to solidarity exist.

These general questions, among others, will guide the discussions: why is solidarity essential to the European Integration process? What is the “Solidarity Clause” (art. 222 of the TFEU) and what are the deriving obligations under the EU treaties? Why has the implementation of the “Solidarity Clause” in the EU been questioned? How has the CJEU considered solidarity and how has it been contributing to the definition of this concept? What are the limits of political, legal and judicial approaches to solidarity in the EU?

Three basic thematic areas will be addressed during the course: solidarity put in place among EU member States; solidarity in the response of the EU and its member States to challenges such as migration, refugee crisis and environmental concerns like climate change; and solidarity in EU external action. Participants will be given the opportunity to deeply investigate solidarity, one of the fundamental elements of the European integration process.

Leonardo Pasquali is associate Professor of European Union (EU) Law at University of Pisa (Italy), Department of Law. The quality and excellence of his work in the specific field of European Union studies has been acquired throughout his academic and professional career. Prof. Leonardo Pasquali has always shown interest for legal research related to EU Law, Public Law, Foreign Policy and International Relations. Besides teaching EU Law, he has taught many different courses at the University of Pisa, such as Judicial cooperation and Public International Law. Many of his publications are devoted to European Union Studies. In 2015, Prof. Pasquali organized a Conference in Pisa (Italy) related to the EU Principle of Solidarity. Since then his research interest in this subject increased and he has been in touch with many Professors from Spain, France, United Kingdom and other countries, such as Brazil and Argentina on the issue of Solidarity in EU Law. He contributed with the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Regional Integration coordinated by Prof. Carlos Jimenez.

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